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New Group!  

Support Group for Parents of Non-binary and Gender-questioning Kids & Teens

Has your child/teen told you that they're non-binary? 
Or trans? Or agender? Or queer?

Is your child/teen asking to change their name or their pronouns? 
Is your child/teen asking to buy opposite gender clothing?
Are you unsure how to handle their requests and feelings?

In a safe space for parents only, we will explore the challenges, losses, and wins of parenting children and teens who are questioning and figuring out their gender identification.  In an increasingly complex world of breaking gender boundaries, we will support each other as we parent our children through this.  This is group is for ALL parents, including those who are supporting their children in these changes, those who aren't sure if they can, those who aren't, and all others!

The group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm  beginning on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

Group will be led by Stacy Stoddard, LCMFT.  Cost is $40 per group, or $60 per couple.  RSVP is required, please contact Stacy at or 410.583.7443.

Wisdom Circle

The Wisdom Circle is a group that supports women’s self-discovery and growth. A small group process is used along with a myth or fairy tale as a resource for themes which the group will explore.  Groups work together for various lengths of time depending on the group’s needs.  If you are interested in the depth, safety, and transformative gifts that working in a group can offer please contact us to be informed of the next group opportunity.  This group usually meets either Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Please contact Gayle Bohlman, LCSW-C for more information. 

The Body’s Story

Gayle Bohlman is gathering a group for women who would like to work in a healing and transformative way on the story that is stored in the body and offers resources for healing.  The group will use group process, yoga, yoga nidra meditation and other experiential techniques to tap into the healing resources of the unconscious to restore wholeness to the self.  This group will meet on Saturday mornings.  Please contact Gayle Bohlman, LCSW-C, for more information 

Group Meditation

 Group meditation is offered using irest yoga nidra a couple  of times each month on Saturday morning, or on Sunday evening. The cost for this group practice is $10.00.

For a more in-depth experience with irest yoga nidra, a series of four consecutive classes is offered a couple of times a year.  This allows for participants to learn more about irest yoga nidra and how to develop their own practice.  Please contact Gayle Bohlman, LCSW-C for more information.  

Women’s Circle

This is a unique opportunity for women to gather, reflect and nurture the feminine spirit.  In this sacred space, women are supported in their journey of self-discovery and encouraged to find their Voice.  Women reconnect with their true selves through meditation, stories, myths, sandtray and expressive arts.  The Circle meets on Fridays from 5:00-6:30pm.  For more information, contact Gayle Bohlman, LCSW-C.

Groups for Children

When children experience a challenging situation, they frequently hold a belief that they alone, have the problem.  Sadly, in addition to the stressor itself, children often experience secondary stress connected to feelings of embarrassment, isolation, and loneliness.  Here at The Counseling Center, we believe that group therapy can be a powerful and healing experience for children.  During group therapy, their problems are normalized and talked about.  

The Counseling Center offers support groups for children experiencing the separation or divorce of their parents.  We also offer support groups for children coping with a sibling diagnosed with a developmental or behavioral disorder.  In addition to support groups, we offer skill building groups for children in need of learning how to manage anxiety, make friends, and improve self-control.  Please contact Debra Gury at 410.583.7443 for more information.  

Groups for Parents    

The Counseling Center offers workshops for parents on a variety of topics including: Managing Negative Behavior, Avoiding Power Struggles, Attachment and Temperament, Understanding Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety Disorders in Children, The Adolescent Brain, Teens and Technology, and Stages of Childhood Development.  Workshops are 90 minutes in duration and are offered monthly.  Please contact Debra Gury or Stacy Stoddard, LCMFT for more information.