Individual Holistic Care 

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Working one on one with a therapist is helpful and appropriate for many problem areas.  Clients will often initiate therapy when they are going through a life transition, experiencing grief, dealing with certain stressful situations in life, or seeking personal change or growth.   Individual therapy is the treatment of choice for anxiety, depression, or trauma.   The experienced therapists at The Counseling Center will offer each individual an assessment of their unique needs and therapeutic goals and then offer the therapeutic relationship which can support the work that needs to be accomplished.

The word holistic may be so often used that we have not paused to reflect on its meaning.  A holistic approach is one that looks at the whole and supports all of the parts of that whole. At TCC, we use this holistic way of seeing and being in our assessments and our treatment plans.  We are looking at the whole person, not just his or her symptoms.  Our clinicians all have training in assessing the body, mind and spirit, in order to understand what is affecting the person, and to see the person in the context of the systems and relationships in his or her life.  We are shaped and formed by the family, culture and world in which we live and we are expressive of the body, mind and spirit.

The result of this perspective is that one feels really seen and heard.  Treatment is directed at all of the parts of the person in order that the healing presence in the person’s wholeness can be accessed.  It is healing just to be seen and heard in this way. 

Healing and wholeness are promoted with interventions directed to the specific part that requires attention.  This can be by utilizing body-centered interventions such as yoga, meditation, exercise and breathing techniques.  The mind, including thoughts, beliefs and emotions, is addressed therapeutically.  The spirit is tended as we look at the value, meaning and purpose present in a person’s life and one’s journey toward wholeness.  And, we facilitate the exploration of relationships and connection to the outer world to enhance authentic living.