Meet Our Staff


linda beam, lcsw-c

Linda Beam, LCSW-C

Linda joined The Counseling Center in 2006 and brings a background in mental health, addictions, trauma, dual disorders, domestic violence, child abuse, and stress management.  Her experience in the field of mental health lies in working with individuals, couples, and groups.  She has worked with males and females of many cultural backgrounds.  With 25 years of study in the body/mind modalities, and formerly trained as a bodywork practitioner and yoga instructor, Linda takes a holistic approach to the therapeutic process, using traditional talk therapy and cognitive-behavioral techniques in combination with experiential modalities. Linda works with adult individuals, couples, and elders who are experiencing relationship problems, anxiety, depression, traumatic memories, chronic pain, loss & grief.  She is an EMDR Institute trained practitioner and certified hypnotherapist.  She uses hypnosis as an option to treat anxiety disorders, phobias, and stress; guided imagery and dreamwork to enhance one’s inner process; and EMDR to reprocess disturbing memories. Her goal is to assist clients to resolve life problems, deepen their understanding of themselves, and create a state of joy and well-being through the balance of one’s whole self.  Linda is also approved as a LCSW-C supervisor through the MD Board of Social Work Examiners and available for supervision. 
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Debra Boblooch, LCPC, LCPAT, Licensed Art Therapist

Debra is a Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist (LCPAT) and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), joining the team at TCC in 2016. Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, improve interpersonal skills, manage problematic behaviors, reduce negative stress, and achieve personal insight. Debra believes in the capability of the creative process to integrate mind/body when working with children, adolescents, and families. She recognizes each individual’s strengths and incorporates a variety of modalities such as Art Therapy, Play Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy to meet the needs of each client. Her training in trauma theory and experience when working with emotionally distressed children supports her belief of the innate tendency of trauma survivors to be resilient. By creating a safe environment and building a strong therapeutic relationship, Debra works with clients and families to reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, develop social skills, and provide an opportunity for creative expression.  To contact Debra, email

gayle bohlman, lcsw

Gayle Bohlman, LCSW-C

Gayle has been offering therapeutic relationship for many years having been licensed in 1980.  These things are at the essence of the work being done: presence, supporting the striving towards wholeness as the psyche seeks itself, accurate mirroring of the Self, a related and integrative process for accessing mind, body and spirit in the work of healing and becoming one’s self.  Gayle makes use of cognitive behavioral therapy, Jungian principles, EMDR, body centered psychotherapy, yoga , irest yoga nidra meditation, and Imago marital therapy in her work with clients.  Gayle can be helpful with depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, relationship problems and spiritual development.
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lauren hufnagel, lcsw-c

Nina Davey, LCPC, ATR-BC

Nina Davey is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Registered, Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC). She believes that everyone is capable of healing, growth, and resiliency. Although life is constantly changing and moving, she believes that each person has the ability to achieve the life and level of happiness they desire through self exploration and a deeper look into their experiences. Nina uses a variety of treatment modalities including Art Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), EMDR, Play Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy when working with children/adolescents, adults, and families. By using these various treatment modalities, Nina is able to address traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, life transitions, grief and loss, self esteem and stress management. Nina has extensive training in trauma (PTSD) and specializes in childhood trauma and abuse.
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wayne king, lcsw-c

Wayne King, LCSW-C

Wayne King came to The Counseling Center with a background in trauma resolution and treating the psychological needs of children and adolescents. His approach to therapy is based on forming strong therapeutic relationships with his clients and using that relationship to support and challenge his clients to learn new and more effective ways of understanding themselves and relating to others.   Wayne has helped clients of all ages overcome anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. His work uses both cognitive and experiential methods, as well as EMDR and Hypnosis.  Wayne also offers workshops and consultation to therapists who work with traumatized clients.  He has presented at The Governor’s Conference on the Prevention of Child Abuse, The Mid-Atlantic Conference on the Treatment of Child Abuse, and The Maryland Association of Non-Public Special Education Facilities Conference.  He has also provided in-service trainings for a number of agencies working with traumatized children. Wayne is EMDRIA certified in EMDR and is certified in Hypnosis through the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Wayne is also an EMDRIA Approved Consultant for clinicians seeking consultation in EMDR. 
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Gina Rossetti, LCSW-C, CSOTS

Gina Rossetti comes to The Counseling Center with nearly 10 years of experience working with children and families. Gina specializes in working with children who have experienced trauma and attachment difficulties. She believes therapy is a place where clients can process life experiences and implement useful strategies to encourage growth and healing. Gina uses a collaborative and eclectic approach when working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Sessions are tailored to the unique needs of the individual and family. This allows for maximum social and emotional development. In her practice, she uses EMDR, Sand Tray Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, expressive art techniques, Play Therapy, and mindfulness. She commonly treats problems including anxiety, childhood and recent trauma, attachment disorders, behavioral concerns, family relational problems, life-transitions, depression, and juveniles with sexual behavior concerns. During sessions, Gina creates a safe, compassionate space which helps promote change and resilience.  To contact Gina, email

gene schwartz, lcsw-c

Gene Schwartz, LCSW-C

Gene Schwartz began as a therapist with the Veterans’ Administration in 1971, serving veterans traumatized in the Vietnam War…and his private practice today continues his commitment to the treatment of trauma issues. Gene also has extensive post-graduate training in hypnotherapy and family systems therapy. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Gene was one of the first therapists trained in EMDR, taking the training in 1991. He serves now as a training facilitator for the EMDR Institute in Palo Alto, California ( Closer to home, Gene conducts training sessions and study groups for EMDR therapists at The Counseling Center, as well as providing individual consultation to other EMDR therapists.
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stacy stoddard, lcmft

Stacy Stoddard, LCMFT

Stacy Stoddard is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, and has over 12 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families. Stacy believes that everyone deserves to feel happy and free from pains and regrets from their pasts.  She works to not only help clients be less judgmental of themselves, but also to bring practical solutions and tools into their lives.  She understands that people are coming to therapy not just to gain insights, but also to make real changes in their lives. Stacy works primarily from a relational model, and she also incorporates a body-centered and experiential style that allows clients to feel better faster.  Stacy is a Certified EMDR Therapist and an Approved EMDR Consultant.  She specializes in trauma (childhood trauma and more current traumas), PTSD, and grief/loss. In addition to her practice at the Counseling Center, Stacy is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland.  She is also available for speaking engagements and creating special programs/groups for workplaces, schools, and organizations.
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Our Administrative Staff is available to assist you with taking initial information, checking insurance benefits, answering questions about fees, and answering any billing or account questions you may have.  Tangela is available to assist in all intake, insurance, billing and accounting matters.  She is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm.