Trauma Therapy

Do You Keep Re-Experiencing Painful Or Distressing Trauma?

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Are you unable to let go of trauma from the past, constantly thinking about your experience or reliving it through nightmares? Have your angry, defensive, isolating or fearful responses to trauma begun to impact your relationships? Do you have a history of interpersonal trauma or were you the victim of physical or sexual abuse as a child? Maybe you have trouble differentiating the past from the present and continue to relive painful experiences like a car accident, violent crime or abuse. Perhaps you have tried to find effective trauma treatment solutions, such as attending regular therapy, but haven’t experienced the results you need. Or you might worry that seeking trauma will make you appear weak and lead to further traumatic experiences or bullying. When left unresolved, the emotional difficulties and stresses of trauma can manifest as depression, anxiety and panic. You may feel stuck in the past, wondering if you’ll ever be able to move on. Do you wish you could effectively let go of fear, effectively process your trauma and live an empowered and joyful life?

Many Individuals Don’t Seek Trauma Therapy

Almost 9 percent of the population suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and up to 50 percent of individuals cope with trauma at some point in their lives. There are millions of adults and adolescents suffering from trauma, and many, if not most, are unaware that their challenges with anxiety, depression, addiction or relationship issues stem from unresolved trauma. People experience a variety of symptoms, from constantly being on edge to feelings of disconnection, without a concrete explanation as to why. Oftentimes, when people are unable to differentiate between the past and present, their bodies interpret traumatic or distressing memories as immediately threatening. Mental and physical responses like anxiety, panic, stress or fear can be triggered by people, places, sounds or smells. We aren’t always aware of how past trauma is affecting our lives, as a result, it can be difficult to recognize when we need trauma therapy.

But, there is good news! Trauma therapy at The Counseling Center (TCC) in Towson can help you process and move past painful memories so you can enjoy the present and feel hopeful about the future.

Trauma Therapy Can Help You Understand And Process Painful Memories

When you are suffering from trauma, you are often unable to differentiate the past from the present. As a result, you may relive the experience, including painful emotions and distressing physical symptoms. At TCC, our goal is not to make you forget about the past, but to help you view it through a safer lens. With compassionate guidance and support, you can feel like you are watching a movie instead of reliving a traumatic experience.

trauma therapy towson md

We take a comprehensive approach to trauma therapy, helping you understand and address the emotional, mental and physiological impact of your experience. The methodologies we use, including EMDR and CBT, have been extensively researched and shown to be extremely effective and efficient in trauma therapy. EMDR is a collaborative approach where you can explore traumatic memories safely and with the guidance of your therapist. We offer support as you develop tools and practice new skills to manage difficult emotions and process your traumatic experience in a healthy way. By understanding your emotions, thoughts and physical reactions to trauma, you can develop adaptive strategies to help anticipate panic and balance yourself when you are unable to avoid triggers.

If you have been seeking trauma treatment or failed to receive the help you need, you may not feel optimistic about committing to another therapy program. The clinicians at The Counseling Center have extensive training and experience helping adults and adolescents recover through trauma therapy, and we employ more than half of the EMDR Consultants in Maryland (those approved by the EMDR International Association to train other therapists in EMDR). We recognize that trauma therapy requires a comprehensive approach that does more than just identify the cause or alleviate symptoms. With compassion and support from the experts at The Counseling Center, you can learn to process painful memories. It is possible to experience relief, let go of fear and feel more hopeful and alive.

But you may still have questions or concerns about trauma therapy…

How do I know trauma therapy can help me?

It is natural to be skeptical, especially if you have already tried therapy and it hasn’t worked for you. Many of our clients who hesitate when beginning their trauma work are shocked by the results. Let’s try starting with just four sessions and you can let your own experience guide you.

I can’t afford to commit to therapy right now.

Many of our clients begin experiencing results within the first four sessions, and in some cases that is all they need to manage and overcome their trauma. We use effective trauma treatment techniques proven to help you develop meaningful, lasting solutions.

I should be able to do this on my own. I hate that I need help.

Trauma is a normal response to an extreme circumstance, and it has nothing to do with how strong or resilient you are. We all remember and experience trauma differently, and finding a knowledgeable support system says nothing about your character. If you were physically injured, you would see a doctor. You deserve the same care when you are dealing with painful or distressing emotions.

You Can Feel Hopeful About Your Future

With trauma therapy at The Counseling Center, you can manage distressing symptoms and feel more optimistic about your personal life and relationships. If you are ready to begin recovering from trauma, or if you have additional questions about trauma therapy, we encourage you to call 410-583-7443 to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.