Yoga and Meditation

yoga therapy towson md

Current research is demonstrating that the practices of yoga and meditation are not only providing relaxation and restoration of the mind and body, but also have the potential to offer healing for the brain and certain neurological pathways in the brain.  At The Counseling Center we are incorporating yoga and meditation as part of a treatment plan to restore wellness.

Yoga offers breathing techniques, movement and postures which assist in restoring health and well being to mind, body and spirit.  The practice of yoga can be designed to suit the individual’s needs and capabilities.  This body centered practice can increase self awareness, improve one’s ability to stay grounded and centered, increase focus, concentration and self regulation.  Yoga has been demonstrated to have positive effects on the management of anxiety and depression. 

Yoga may be integrated into a psychotherapy session, a unique therapeutic yoga practice may be designed for a client, and occasional yoga retreats are offered.


A weekly yoga class meets on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm.  Call for more information

Meditation is the practice of focused attention that yields benefits to mind and body.  With the stresses and stimulation of the world we live in more and more people are expressing an interest in the benefits of meditation to quiet the mind, relieve stress, and restore peace and joy.  At The Counseling Center we are teaching a particular type of meditation that comes out of the yoga tradition, irest yoga nidra.  This type of meditation is a practice that can be accessible to even those who may not find it easy to be still.  The method offers a whole body and mind relaxation and restoration and promotes healing and well being.   Participants are guided in this practice and move through deepening brain states accessing brain waves that promote rest, restoration and healing.  Research is finding that this method of meditation has benefits for PTSD, anxiety, sleep difficulties and other physical and psychological problems.

Meditation techniques may be taught in a psychotherapy session. There are a few practice sessions offered each month for those who would like to join a group practice, and a few times a year a series of classes is offered to those who would like to learn irest yoga nidra meditation.

A combination Yoga, Body Sensing and Meditation class meets on alternate Saturday mornings from 9:30-11:00am.  Reservation is required, please call or email to let us know of your interest