Anxiety Treatment

Are You Struggling To Manage Feelings Of Fear, Stress And Anxiety?

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You may feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Or perhaps you are trying to cope with difficult emotions caused by a significant life transition, change or loss. Heightened stress or fear may be causing you to avoid or withdraw from certain relationships and activities. You may have always felt a degree of anxiety, but life stressors and challenging emotions – a move, divorce, illness or death, for example – have caused it to get worse. Alternately, you may have a biochemical predisposition to anxiety that has left you desperate for a way to effectively manage distressing anxiety symptoms. Perhaps you have trouble sleeping at night or wake up feeling overwhelmed by stress and worry. You might struggle to manage a panic disorder or remain fearful and nervous for hours after a panic attack. Restlessness, fatigue and lack of motivation may have begun to negatively impact your relationships, schoolwork or career, but you aren’t sure how or where to find solutions and relief. Are you struggling to develop the skills and insights you need to effectively manage and reduce anxiety?

Anxiety Is One Of The Most Common Mental Health Disorders In The World

Almost everyone goes through a period in life when they struggle with anxiety. Anxiety can stem from a variety of causes, including a new baby, divorce or illness. According to the World Health Organization, anxiety disorders will be the second most common mental health disability in the world by 2020. And in the US, anxiety is experienced at a rate higher than in any other country, with nearly 29 percent of the population suffering from anxiety at some point during their lifetime. Many individuals first experience or recognize the onset of anxiety they go through increased stress and dramatic growth, development during adolescence. But everyone experiences anxiety in a different way, and it can be difficult to find the guidance and support you need to understand and manage distressing symptoms and emotions.

Anxiety is a rapidly increasing disorder that affects adults and adolescents alike, but there are steps you can take to manage anxiety and reduce feelings of immediate discomfort. With anxiety treatment at The Counseling Center in Towson, you can develop and practice the techniques and strategies you need to feel less anxious and more confident in your life.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Manage Anxiety Instead Of It Managing You

Anxiety treatment has been extensively studied and provides real insights, skills and resources that can make a significant difference in your experience with anxiety. At The Counseling Center, we provide a safe, welcoming environment and compassionate support so you can feel comfortable exploring how anxiety is affecting different aspects of your life. With help, you can learn how to manage anxiety instead of feeling controlled by it.

In initial sessions, we will look at what your anxiety is being driven by and how it is affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When we understand the factors that are contributing to your anxiety, fear or panic, we can develop specific interventions, techniques and skills to help you manage uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and sensations. Rather than providing standardized anxiety treatment, we tailor every strategy to meet your unique needs and help you reach your treatment goals.

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Anxiety is a physiological experience – not just an idea or emotion – and effective treatment requires more than just talking about the challenges you are facing. We take a body-centered approach to anxiety treatment to help you respond to distressing physical symptoms and calm anxious feelings and panic before they get out of control. Physical interventions may include breathing techniques, yoga or other exercises that help alleviate stress and anxiety through the body. Our certified meditation coach can teach you mindfulness and meditation techniques that are both accessible and effective. These proven techniques can help you work through anxious thoughts and feelings or recover after an anxiety or panic attack. To help you respond to and address the cause of your anxiety, we may incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and EMDR, two strategies proven effective in addressing the emotional and mental aspects of anxiety.

The clinicians at The Counseling Center have specialized training and experience in anxiety treatment and supportive techniques for adults and adolescents, including EMDR, CBT, yoga, meditation, Hypnotherapy and Imagery Desensitization. We understand that anxiety is something you have, and it doesn’t define you. With the right guidance and support, you can learn to manage personal and professional anxiety and feel better in your life.

But you may still have questions or concerns about anxiety treatment…

I’m afraid anxiety treatment will make me more anxious.

You may feel trapped in a cycle of anxiety – you want to seek help, but you become anxious when you think about addressing the challenges you are facing. Anxiety can often serve as a barrier to its own treatment, but we work with you to interrupt that cycle. You will be involved in choosing the anxiety treatment plan that works for you, and our goal is to help you see that you truly can feel better and experience less anxiety.

Nobody understands what I’m going through, or they tell me to “just stop thinking about it.”

Anxiety is a real health issue, and there is more to managing your challenges than just trying to stay positive. At The Counseling Center, our staff has many years of experience helping adults and adolescents as they learned to manage anxiety, reduce panic attacks and feel more confident in their lives. We understand the struggles you are facing and provide the compassionate guidance and support you need to feel happy, confident and calm.

I don’t want to dig up the issues or challenges from my past.

If you don’t wish to discuss past experiences or challenges in sessions, we can focus our approach on managing your anxiety in the present. While in some cases it can be helpful to revisit past situations in order to understand how they impact the present, it is important to remember that you can choose to remain present-oriented in your anxiety treatment sessions.

You Can Feel Self-Confident And Happy

Anxiety treatment at The Counseling Center can help you feel more secure and satisfied in your life. If you are ready to begin working toward a life with reduced anxiety and panic, or if you have additional questions about anxiety treatment, we invite you to call 410-583-7443 to schedule a complementary 15 minute phone consultation.