Stressed? 10 Tips to Stress Less!

Not shockingly, stress is the number one cause of both mental and physical distress.  Over 50% of Americans report experiencing a significant amount of stress that impacts their daily lives.

There’s a lot I could say about how stress happens and why it impacts us so much.  There’s more I could say about how complicated it is, especially when current stressful situations trigger past traumas and childhood wounds.  But, instead, I’m going to list 10 tips that will help you manage your stress.  Some of them seem easy, some are hard, but I promise you’ll feel the impact of your stressful situations less if you can practice these ten things.

1. Go for a walk.
2. Focus on the things you CAN control instead of the things you can’t.
3. Breathe.  Deep breaths.
4. Go to bed earlier.
5. Let yourself reminisce about good things and good times from the past.
6. Let yourself dream about the future.
7. Give someone a compliment.
8. Give yourself a compliment.
9. Keep a gratitude journal.
10. Ask for help.

Try these things for a week.—you’ll see!